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"I have two goals. The first is that everything I do as a designer must have an idea: It cannot just look nice... 
The second is, it has to look nice". Paul Rand

Our business is Visual Interpretation.

Whether a unique package, exclusive product or great idea— it requires a strong, effective and persuasive appearance in order to attract attention, evoke emotions and stand the test of time. Eddie Goldfine, owner-designer of XPRESS!ONS has been designing with the same enthusiasm and passion for over 25 years. Private customers, small businesses, major food and retail companies have all benefited from our innovative strategic concepts and unique visual solutions.
We have produced some of the most outstanding and memorable brands, packages and cookbooks in the Israeli and international food and retail arenas.

The studio has been awarded the Global Packaging, The Israel Design and Package Institute and the Israel Association of Graphic Designers. XPRESS!ONS appears in the international packaging design site Packaging of the

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