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A privately-owned, boutique winery located in central Israel. Head winemaker and part-owner Avi Feldstein, asked us to develop a special series of labels characterizing his vision of a dynamic, diverse winery producing a rich variety of wines using select grapes from different locations. Defined only by their coordinates, the blank maps on the labels convey a unique message: “we do not know where our next harvest will be.” 


"The site is already located, but our steps have yet to mark the path... our feet will draw the map," says Feldstein. Although metaphorical, the bare map defines the varietals, areas, terrains, climate and history. "My winery's identity strives to celebrate this search, the freedom and responsibility it enables, and the magic it creates," adds Feldstein.


The map design employs simple, elegant typography juxtaposed with visual elements from old maps and topographical graphics. The FELDSTEIN logo was created using a scanned classic Hebrew wood-block typeface—“Hatzvi Hallul,” designed in 1956, well-known for its use in certificates, signs and official documents. 

Design: Eddie Goldfine and Liron Silkov. The brand is displayed on the international packaging web site "Packaging of the World." 

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