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A privately-owned boutique winery, located in Israel’s south-central region, manufacturing small, limited editions of high-quality wines. Itzik Zauberman and his partner, Raz Dahan, take special care in every step of the wine-making process. Zauberman's personal interest in Japanese history, culture, art and fashion was the inspiration for the Zen concept of "EQUANIMITY," a special wine created from a superior 2011 harvest. The Special Edition bottles are packaged in a custom, made-to-fit, two-piece box. Containing the wine bottle, the bottom is printed in a lively red. The white upper area, the cover design, shows a typographic and calligraphic silhouette that corresponds with EQUANIMITY's contour, reflecting the wine's concept and characteristics.



Eau de vie fruit brandy gift box using elegant blind embossing, gold foil, and a surprising burst of color upon opening


Both the harvest year 2020 and the wines' 20% alc. content are the main graphic focus for the wine bottle label


New label and packaging for Zauberman wines, a fine rosé line created by Itzik Zauberman and Raz Dahan. The design takes on the young and playful nature of the wine while playing with color and a geometric font.


The brand is displayed on the international packaging web site "Packaging of the World.”

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