A privately-owned boutique winery, located in Israel’s south-central region, that manufactures small, limited editions of high-quality wines. Itzik Zauberman and his partner, Raz Dahan, take special care in every step of the wine making process. Zauberman's personal interest in Japanese history, culture, art and fashion was the inspiration for the Zen concept of "EQUANIMITY," a special wine created from a superior 2011 harvest. The Special Edition bottles are packaged in a custom, made-to-fit, two-piece box. Containing the wine bottle, the bottom is printed in a lively red. The white upper area, the cover design, shows a typographic and calligraphic silhouette which corresponds with EQUANIMITY's contour, reflecting the wine's concept and characteristics. The brand is displayed on the international packaging web site "Packaging of the World.”